Subscriptions & T&C’s

After attending a trial class simply subscribe to one of the class packages above that best suits you. Once you have subscribed you can start training immediately . Subscriptions are per month. If you choose for example the Basic package you can attend any one class per week for a month. There are 3 adult classes per week, so you can attend any one of these. It doesn’t have to be the same day each week. You can attend on a Monday one week then on a Tuesday the following week. These are card payments which are automatically charged each month. These are rolling monthly payments. Which will be taken out at the same time each month (this may be slightly different for bank holidays & short months). There are no contracts and no minimum periods. However, if a payment goes out this cannot be refunded. If you wish to cancel, do so before the payment date. Refunds cannot be given once payments have gone out. It is your responsibility to cancel on time.  For full terms and conditions please click here.