Book a trial class using the button above. Join the only full time Krav Maga studio in Brighton & Hove. You’ll learn a variety of skills from a multitude of disciplines including boxing, kickboxing, Judo, BBJ and Aikido. Krav Maga took the best from these disciplines and removed the nonsense to get down to the bare bones of techniques that actually work in real situations. No Katas, no dancing about in Gi’s.

We have a variety of people from all walks of life in the class. Young and old, Fathers, Mothers and business owners. There are no egos here and we don’t cater to people with them. Everything outside is left at the door. Everyone is equal regardless of grades they may have. There is no need to feel apprehensive everyone is welcome and treated with respect.

Once you have completed your trial class just take a look at the subscription page where you change choose the package you want to attend classes.