Grading at Krav Maga Evolve is based on the original belt system that was adopted by Imi Lichtenfeld which closely follows the Judo system. Coloured belts denote the grade of a student. The student completes a grading test to move to the next rank. Students require a minimum number of lessons to be able to take a test. Belts start off with a small number of techniques in them gradually increasing with each grade to include more and more complex techniques. Currently there are 13 Grades in KME. Although KME closely follows the Judo system of belts, students don’t wear a full belt. Instead a small belt tag is used which clips to the bottom left of their T-Shirt. Belts are cumbersome and not practical for training. The belt tags are a modern way to show these ranks. KME is the first and only school to do this.