There can be many reasons that individuals want to have private classes. It could be because the student wants to improve in a shorter space of time or that they want to have one to one tuition to iron out any techniques they’re having difficultly with. It could also be because they don’t feel comfortable to come to the regular mixed classes.

Private classes are done at the Hove location in a private studio.

Private classes are given by Instructor Lewis Groves who holds the rank of G3. He is also a qualified personal trainer and first aider. The classes will be tailored to individual needs, whether that’s covering basic techniques and movements or more complex techniques. At the students request a combination of Krav Maga,  kickboxing, Muay Thai and fitness training can be designed for the individual.

For any questions or for more infomation use the contact form below.


One Person

One Private Class (1hr): £35

4 Private Classes (4 x 1 hr): £120

Two People

One Private Class (1hr): £45

4 Private Classes (4 x 1hr): £150