What To Expect

  • Friendly and welcoming environment for all
  • Supportive and encouraging students
  • No egos, just mutual respect
  • Expert instructors ready to help
  • Perfect for beginners, no experience needed
  • Try a trial session today!
Andrew Stanley
I've been going to KMV for a couple of years now and have found the classes an excellent way to stay in shape and learn some skills at the same time. Both Lewis and Rich (instructors) are great at teaching Krav whilst keeping it interesting and fun (maybe not the bonus HIIT sections at the end of some lessons ;). Furthermore, the people, despite being of a very varied mix of ages, backgrounds and abilities, are all very friendly which makes for a really positive learning environment, and means its not too painful when you first get to the full contact sparing level!
Gemma Oakley
Excellent instructors and these classes are brilliant for fitness and building self confidence. Highly recommend!
D Val
Amazing teacher, very friendly. Great activities and confidence building, recommend!
H Izso
My 12 years old son started Krav Maga 3 years ago and he is absolutely loving it. It helps him to feel more confident and improve his resilience. Lewis is an amazing teacher and own the ability to motivate, coach and teach techniques in an engaging manner. It is a great way to teach healthy life long habits of self care and self discipline. He enjoys the grading and exciting to reach the next levels.
Zsolt Schmidt
Great coaching, relaxed environment but Lewis and Rich makes you work hard. I recommend to everyone.
Callum Dadds
The lessons are very good and have taught me allot, I have had barley any issues and would recommend going
Happy Fit
Friendly place brilliant instructors great layering of techniques combinations and gradings hard work, love it. Although they have not provided me with my new girlfriend with no baggage or gin and tonics pre or post sessions lol, I am growing in confidence all the time due to quality instruction and equipment. Highly recommended Thank you Lewis, Jason 🥳
Ben Featherstone
I thought I would try and amalgamate my review into two sections: For people thinking about taking up Krav/self-defence How it has helped me So, 1 - If you're like me, you're probably thinking, 'What's it like?' 'Will it be full of aggressive people?' 'Is the trainer going to hurt me?' I booked a few one-on-one trial lessons to start with, and Lewis could not be further from what I was expecting. He is courteous and highly attuned to one's body – he can almost sense if you might get injured from a technique and will adjust you accordingly. The atmosphere of the gym in public classes is full of like-minded people who are doing it for fitness and confidence. For me, I have gained confidence, improved my posture, and the one thing I was worried about before I started – a chronic bad back I've had for years – has improved significantly. We warm up properly and stretch at the end, which has almost cured my back. Lewis has an outstanding understanding of human dynamics and offers excellent diet advice. KME deserves the 5-star rating it has achieved. If you are on the fence, pick up the phone and speak to Lewis. Any fears or anxieties you may have will be washed away. I wish I had found this class years ago, I was getting drunk everyday before this and now my diet has vastly improved and my alcohol intake has halved. I've been going every week for 7 months now.
Anna N
I just started Krav Maga and I am a bit of a lazy cow but the instructor makes it so motivating and engaging, that I keep going. Knowing that I’ve been taught self-defence in the right way is so reassuring for me. I will definitely let me boy join soon! Best Anna
kirsty thomas
Great place to learn self defence and build your confidence. Really lovely instructors who create a supportive environment.




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