What To Expect

  • Friendly and welcoming environment for all
  • Supportive and encouraging students
  • No egos, just mutual respect
  • Expert instructors ready to help
  • Perfect for beginners, no experience needed
  • Try a trial session today!
Marco Massetti
I joined KM evolve in September with zero experience but lot of curiosity. The experience has been excellent. Lewis and Richard are great trainers, very knowledgeable and friendly. The training sessions are always very serious but fun at the same time. Krav Maga itself is a great martial art, fairly easy to pick up and never boring. I recommend to give it a go if you're thinking about it!
Angus Chisholm
Lewis is v good. I’m having 121 sessions and really enjoying them, would thoroughly recommend giving it a go if you’re thinking about it.
Steve Penfold
Fantastic self defence and fitness class for both adults and kids. Lewis and Rich are great instructors and make everyone feel really welcome. Highly recommend!
Natalie Cowell
My daughter loves her Krav Maga classes, she has learnt so much and had a lot of fun whilst doing it. Lewis is a fantastic instructor. We highly recommend his classes.
Edward Newton
Kevin Baldwyn
Having zero experience in martial arts I found Lewis the instructor and the whole group really welcoming. I feel I've progressed incredibly and it's all down to Lewis's attentive coaching. Couldn't recommend Krav Maga Evolve highly enough, I absolutely love the sessions.
Ade Sharp
Great session with Rich
Simone Vannuccini
If you are looking for a place where to learn self defense, fall in love with kickboxing, and get to know a bunch of very friendly/no bully people, then search no more! Lewis, the brain, muscle and techniques behind KME is not just a very talented teacher and trainer - he also stroke the perfect balance between martial arts and fitness, striking and defense, guided learning and sparring. I have tried gyms in different countries, and it is now more than one year that I continue to come back to KME! Lewis and Rich will always make you feel included, everyone is respected and all the students are always very helpful. Classes are mixed, but several specialised options exist, as there are different abos to choose from. It is known that good teachers attract good students, and that's the case here! I also met a lot of interesting people, ranging from fine dining cook to flight pilot, to list a few! In sum, if you want to show off fancy moves go ahead, but if instead you plan to learning krav maga in a way that is no-frills and really effective, I totally recommend KME!
This course has a very friendly environment. The place size is quite sufficient to train a martial art. Moreover, Lewes is an excellent Krav Maga instructor from all aspects. His martial art knowledge is more than enough. He is nice, polite, and all the time helpful to his students.




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To make things as simple as possible we only have one type of subscription for Adults and one for Kids/Juniors. This is great value if you come just once a week but brilliant value if you come a couple of times a week. 

Subscriptions & T&C’s

After attending a trial class simply subscribe to either the adult (adults are 14+) or kids/junior subscription. Once you have subscribed you can start training immediately and have access to unlimited classes within your level. Subscriptions have a one time joining fee. Subscriptions are per month. These are card payments which are automatically charged each month. These are rolling monthly payments. Which will be taken out at the same time each month (this may be slightly different for bank holidays & short months). There are no contracts and no minimum periods. Cancellations must be done at least 1 working (Monday to Friday) day before subscription payment date. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled on the date of payment. Once payments have gone out no refunds will be given. It is your responsibility to cancel on time. To cancel your subscription contact staff via phone, email, in-person. For full terms and conditions please click here.