Close Quarters Defence & Shooting Course

CQDS Course

29th to 30th September

  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2 Day Course
  • Hand To Hand Combat
  • Striking & Counter Drills
  • Weapon Disarming
  • Pistol Training
  • Shooting Drills
  • Live Firing
  • 400 Rounds – 9mm Ammunnition

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Krav Maga Evolve and their partner Prep You in Sofia are offering the Close Quarters Shooting & Defence (CQSD) program in Bulgaria, which is a two-day course that includes hand-to-hand combat, striking and counter drills, weapon disarming, pistol training, and shooting drills. The live firing session involves 400 rounds of 9mm ammunition. This comprehensive self-defence course is a must-have for anyone seeking to enhance their skills. 

This course is perfect for individuals of all levels who want to develop practical skills for self-defence. It is focused on hand to hand combat, using Krav Maga techniques as the foundation, and is based on drills and scenarios used by police and military personnel in Israel and other parts of the world.

You will learn everything from basic striking and blocking to knife defence and weapon disarms. The course covers weapon identification, handling, loading/unloading, making ready, drawing the weapon, live firing drills, time to target, magazine changes, and more.

The two-day course is split into morning and afternoon sessions, with one session focused on hand to hand combat and the other on weapons handling. The highlight of the course is the final part, where you’ll put everything you’ve learned into practice with drills that combine both elements. You’ll learn how to deal with sudden acts of violence where drawing a weapon is not possible, and develop the skills to react quickly and effectively in such situations.

In addition to enhancing your self-defense abilities, this course offers a chance to discover Sofia, a European city renowned for its scenic beauty and cultural heritage. During your free time, you can relish some of the city’s top attractions such as sightseeing, food, museums, and nightlife.

Whether you’re looking to develop your personal skills or participate as a group, this is an excellent opportunity for team building, stag parties, or supplier events.

Sign up now for an intensive and exciting course that will equip you with practical skills for self-defence!

Terms & Conditions

No Flights or accommodation included. This is the responsibility of the participant.
It is up to the participant to get to the location each morning at 8.30am and return to their accommodation themselves. Finish time approximately 5pm.
No refunds are given after 14 days of purchase this is because spaces are limited. If you have booked within 14 days of the start date no refunds can be given.
No refunds are given for missed, delayed or cancelled flights. Krav Maga Evolve recommends getting to Sofia the day before or even 2 days before the event.
There is a zero tolerance to alcohol or drugs. Live rounds are used during drills. If someone is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol/drugs or intoxicated from the night before they WILL be removed from the course without refunds. There will be plenty of time to go out after the course.
Drinks are available at the venue (at a cost) but participants must bring their own food for breaks during the day as there are no places to buy food at the venue.
For full Terms & Conditions click here.